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Cruises in Egypt

Navigating the Red Sea aboard a luxury boat

Egyptian boats on the Mediterranean

Ma Croisiere Zen, Zen relaxation for cruises in the Red Sea

We always return to Egypt told … I lived there and I actually returns every fall.
But this year the political climate is not very “Zen” Zen stays on the Red Sea will be reported later next year.

This great mountain and desert country but bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, through which the Nile is also generously offer us a haven of aquatic relaxation.

Egypt is amazing, the people are both very quiet living in the rhythm of the sun and wind in the mountains or the desert against in cities like Cairo the capital of the country, it is a stressful and noisy swarm .

The idea zen Egypt is flitting between the west coast and islands of the Red Sea starting from Hurghada. A cloudless sky, a gentle breeze, a sea of ​​mysterious blue person on the horizon, with some dolphins … a natural for a relaxing zen travel and magical …

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Date DépartDate RetourPlaces disponibles (max 6)Prix
Octobre 2014Novembre 2014Itinéraire & escales en Mer Rouge reportés  suite aux évènements politiques actuels-
  • Ma Croisiere Zen met ses séjours croisières en Mer rouge en pause pour l’instant
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Le bateau de croisière dispose de 4 cabines doubles. Chaque cabine compte une mini salle d’eau ainsi que des toilettes privatives.

Plan du voilier de croisiere GuadeloupeVotre bateau de croisière à la voile est un magnifique catamaran de 48 pieds ( 14m). Ce voilier de standing possède tous les instruments de pointe, un trampoline pour bronzer et un double pont.


Carte Egypte