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The Service Ma Croisière Zen

Starting with a healthy and relaxed mind

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The state of the art

For maximum fluidity of movement and space on the boat to sail in calm, not to clutter the boat a compressor or another generator, various equipment and so on … and to offer supervised excursions in the rules of the art, in short to make your trip the most zen possible, sometimes, I appeal to providers.

These are people with whom I could exchange for several years. Trust and mutual understanding are introduced naturally.

On diving (baptism or diving is offered in your room “all inclusive”), myself have experienced professional instructor and all types of media to practice this activity, I prefer to go in structures, where j have already had the opportunity to work in peace, to enjoy a space and a boat designed for this purpose.

The same will apply to all matters relating to activities beyond my skills.
Starting with a healthy and relaxed mind, your week at sea will be even more enjoyable.

Activities & Zen service during your cruise.

Your stay Zen